WiFi is utilized at API to allow for you to connect to API’s internet while away from your desk.  Periodically it will require updating when passwords are changed (for security reasons).  Follow the below steps to update your password.  If you are unable to complete the steps for any reason, please contact the API HelpDesk ( 

Updating your WiFi Password

  1. Click on the Wifi symbol on the bottom right of your Taskbar to open the list of Wifi networks

    You should have the following window pop open:
  2. Right-Click “APIGuest-Public” then select Properties
  3. On this screen please select the Security” tab. Then enter the new APIGuest-Public Wi-Fi password in the Network security key” field
  4. Then click "OK" to return to the taskbar
  5. To verify you are properly connected click on the Wi-Fi icon in your taskbar once more and verify you see the word “Connected next to “APIGuest-Public network

If you are unsuccessful at joining API’s Wi-Fi connection please contact or visit the API Service Desk.

Need Additional Information?

Call: 202-682-8383
Visit: Room 950